World language Scholar


In today’s ever changing world, the ability to communicate in another language has become an essential skill. At Northwest High School we offer a comprehensive program of study for students interested in becoming accomplished language students and who want to be recognized for their efforts. Students who successfully meet the program requirements can graduate from high school with the distinction of being a World Language Scholar and will wear a cord at graduation to acknowledge this accomplishment. Being a World Language Scholar will allow students to distinguish themselves during the college application process and in their job-seeking endeavors. Further, it is tangible evidence of their desire to learn, their willingness to work hard, and their understanding of the importance of languages in today’s global society.

At Northwest High School you can become a World Language Scholar by studying French, Spanish or American Sign Language.


1. Four years of Spanish or French   at Northwest or three years of  American Sign Language and one year of another language at Northwest.

2. Maintenance of a cumulative GPA in the language of at least 3.0.

3. Maintenance of an unweighted cumulative GPA in all classes of at least 3.0.

In addition to meeting the basic requirements, students must also successfully  complete ONE of the following academic components during the 11th or 12th grade year with the approval of and under the  supervision of a Northwest World Language teacher:

1. Travel on an official Northwest trip to a country where the language is spoken and  successful completion of a follow-up activity

2. 40 hours of paid or volunteer work in a setting that requires the regular use of the language

3. One year of study of at least one other language offered at Northwest.

4. For members of the Ulysses program, the completion of their final project in the language of study

5. Hosting a Northwest visiting or exchange student or teacher who speaks the language of study.